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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The Democrats Can’t Give Up
     Let’s face it, the democrats can’t give up on the attacks against the President. They can’t do it because they are literally in a hole that the only way they can get out is if they dig through to the other side. Every single attempt to “get” the President has failed. It started with the Stormy Daniels payments. Did he sleep with her? most likely but does that constitute an impeachable offense even if he paid her to keep quiet? No and the democrats and media learned that the hard way. The only result was a few people going to jail for financial crimes unrelated to the case.
     Next was the Russia Investigation. For 2 years the media and the democrats held the country hostage with the Mueller investigation. The talking heads on the TV would constantly over anylize the smallest development. It got to the point that the panels on TV could go on for hours about a tweet the President wrote debating whether it was the smoking gun or not. BOTH sides of the media lost their mind. I had to stop watching Hannity for awhile because he was like a broken record! Constantly talking about the bombshell developements about the deep state. Yea he had some good points and made a solid case against the Mueller investigation, but you can only listen to the same thing night after night for so long. 
     The Mueller investigation came up empty. The left will tell you that it was a damning indictment when it was absolutely the opposite. It was merely as statement of “well he might be obstructing if he had done this with this intent”. It was nothing. Nothing worth dividing this country over like it did. The only winner in that two years was the media executives because they made a ton of money on their coverage of that investigation. It’s funny, the liberal media talks about income inequality but they fail to hold the people making the money off that same media accountable. 
      Finally we get to impeachment. No matter how you look at it, whether you are pro impeachment or against it, it was mishandled. As soon as that whistleblower came forward they should have launched an official impeachment inquiry, we all know that didn’t happen. No, Adam Schiff wanted to have secret hearings in the bunker at the capital so the media and the Republicans could not see what was going on. He wanted this so he could strategically leak information to his friends in the media and set the tone for the official investigation. They knew they had a weak case and they knew that they would need the media to start the speculation and conjecture machine up prior to public testimony so the public would already have a bias as to whether President Trump should be impeached. Obviously it didn’t work and now they are in a tough spot. 
     Here we are today with the Democrats plotting their next attack on the President, they have a little under 9 months to either drag this President down or get him out of office. If they fail, they know they are all in trouble come November and they know with certainty that they don’t have a candidate that can beat Trump. So what is next is up in the air but I can say with almost certainty, stay tuned for the next manufactured constitutional crisis curtesy of the Democrats 

-American Citizen 

Just for fun, Check out how many more votes Trump got in the NH primary compared to other incumbent presidents!

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