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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Climate LIE

    Climate Change is a HOAX! There I said it. I’m not saying this because I don’t care about the planet nor am I saying this because I don’t think humans are impacting the climate. I am saying this because it’s not a crisis. This is a manufactured crisis that the left has created to instill fear into their followers. My own state has gotten irrational about climate change claiming we should spend billions on the matter when the legislation would result in less than one-tenth of one percent reduction in greenhouse gasses globally. The cost benefit factor just doesn’t add up to me because all you have to do is follow the money.
    In Washington, the 2018, Governor Jay Inslee endorsed, I-1631 carbon tax would have cost the average household $325 a year in direct cost, most likely more in indirect cost. In total it would have raised close to $1 billion dollars by 2023. That is a staggering number to say the least but how the money is spent is even more startling. The initiative said this:

    (1) The clean up pollution fund is created in the state treasury. All receipts collected from the pollution fee imposed by this chapter must be deposited in the fund. The department of revenue is authorized to create subfunds or subaccounts as may be necessary or appropriate to implement the purposes of this chapter. Receipts collected from the pollution fee imposed by this chapter may only be spent after appropriation into the clean up pollution fund.
    (2) After reasonable administrative costs:
    (a) Seventy percent of total expenditures under this act must be used for the clean air and clean energy investments authorized under section 4 of this act;
    (b) Twenty-five percent of total expenditures under this act must be used for the clean water and healthy forests investments authorized under section 5 of this act; and
    (c) Five percent of total expenditures under this act must be used for the healthy communities investments authorized under section 6 of this act.

    The line in red is quite literally a red flag. My first thought is what is reasonable? These cost are taken off the top before any disbursements are made meaning all salaries, supplies, travel cost, meeting cost, building cost, and many more things are taken out of that new account prior to any of the money going to climate related cost. That would most likely have meant that millions of dollars a year would have disappeared because of the bureaucracy it would have created. How many six figure jobs would have been created for them to fill with their friends? How many people behind the petition would have gotten those jobs? It’s unknown but I can speculate that it would have been a lot of people making a lot of money off the taxpayers back.
    The green line is also concerning, not because of what it says in that line, but because of one line item that is included in section four of the initiative, where seventy percent of the money is supposed to go. It reads as follows:

    (ii) Reduce vehicle miles traveled or increase public transportation, including investing in public transit, transportation demand management, nonmotorized transportation, affordable transit-oriented housing, and high-speed rural broadband to facilitate telecommuting options such as telemedicine or online job training;

    This line basically means that seventy percent of the available funds after the administration cost can go to mass transit and affordable housing. It’s unknown how much money would have gone there but it’s pretty clear to me that this was written in to be able to divert funds to projects that are hard to get funding for under the guise of “climate change”. I can only speculate that this money would have gone to Sound Transit for ST3 projects now that the $30 tabs is most likely going to become a reality at some point. It also would have been diverted to Seattle for affordable housing programs under with the thought “more affordable housing closer to the city would result in less emissions”, but we know it would just be squandered away like all the other money has been. It would have basically been a way for all of Washington to pay in part for Seattle and King Counties problem of affordable housing
    There is much more in this bill that is horrible but this is part of the point I am trying to make. This initiative that was heralded as the cure for Washington’s climate problem was merely a way to divert funds to other programs and create more government jobs. I would say at least eighty-five percent of the money would have been open to diversion to other projects or the administrative cost of the new programs. But the big question is, Who would have benefited? It wouldn’t have been the climate because even if all this money was spent diligently, it would have had statistically zero effect on the worlds greenhouse emissions. It definitely wouldn’t have been the people of Washington because they would have taken a large pay cut through tax increases and job losses due to new regulations and taxes on business. I think the government would have won. New six figure jobs, able to draw money for transportation and housing projects that the people wouldn’t approve on their own, and all the while be able to say “we are leading the charge against climate change”.
    I’ll leave you with this. If all the politicians, celebrities, philanthropist, and others who are all telling us that we have a climate crisis actually cared about the climate, why don’t they practice what they preach? Why are they flying around on airplanes or staying in hotels that are not energy efficient? Why are their own homes producing a huge carbon footprint? Al Gore, the original climate alarmist in recent history, lives in a home that consumes 21 times the amount of electricity as a normal house and only has 33 solar panels that produce just five percent of the homes demand. Just think about that, a guy going around telling you that you are killing the planet and that you need to change your ways won’t even make those changes himself. He doesn’t have too. He makes massive amounts of money whether is a polluter or not. Like I said, follow the money.

-American Citizen
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