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Monday, February 3, 2020

Parents Bill of Rights

   I never thought I would be writing about this but one of the newest bills in the Washington State Senate is dubbed "The Parents Bill of Rights". It is S.B. 6664 (this link will take you to the official website where you can download the text of the bill). This bill would codify the basic rights that parents have for making decisions for their children. Unfortunately we have reached a new low in society where this bill has become necessary to combat our children being indoctrinated by the liberal forces in our schools and at the doctors office.
   We as parents have the right to know about any medical treatment or medical advice our child is receiving, right? Wrong, and we have already lost some rights. Under Washington law, there are certain things that minors can do without parental consent such as, STD treatment, birth control, abortions and mental health care. Here is a link to a breakdown of what a minor can and cannot do under the current law. Now there is a push to change that completely. There is a movement to bring "health clinics" into high schools so that kids can get medical treatment and advice directly at school, without the knowledge of their parents. As of now, the push is only to offer contraceptive services and regular health checkups in the school. This alone should not be done without the parents consent, but I am not naive. This will ultimately expand into treatment for gender dysphoria and other controversial treatments that involve messing with kids hormones. This will all be done without the consent of parents because the law would allow kids to make these decisions "independently". I put that word in quotes because there have already been instances of school employees "advising" kids on these treatments, even going so far as to work with the courts to invoke the "Mature Minor Doctrine". This basically allows a minor to convince a judge that they are mature enough to make a medical decision on their own even if their parents do not consent to the treatment. Don't believe me? Here is a link to a 50 page report that was published in a law journal found on the USC Gould School of Law website: Overcoming the Parental Veto: How Transgender adolescents can access puberty-suppressing hormone treatment in the absence of parental consent under the mature minor doctrine.  I am not opposed to this type of treatment, I am a "to each their own" type of person, but not for kids, and definitely not for kids without the consent of their parents. If we allow kids to begin hormonal treatment prior to puberty, it will have life long effects that are irreversible should they change their mind as an adult. I personally don't agree with that. If an adult wants to do it, then so be it, but i do not believe a prepubescent child is mature enough to make that decision. This bill would rectify this and any other law like it by requiring parents to give consent to any minor receiving medical care or medical advice in any setting.
     What about education, particularly sex education? Again, under the law right now, you do not have any codified right to have a say in your child's education at public schools. There is a big push for "comprehensive sexual education" in the legislature right now. SB 5395 would overhaul the sex ed rules and make it mandatory for schools to teach it under the guidelines the state sets. Right now schools can choose whether to teach sex ed as the only requirement is for them to teach about HIV/AIDS. In Massachusetts they have adopted similar rules and I have previewed some of the material. It is shocking the types of things that are in the curriculum, many of them too graphic for me to feel comfortable including in this post. Let's just say that I almost had to stop reading when I saw that they were going to teach 12 year olds about anal sex, and went into graphic detail in the process. (I will post a link to an article at the bottom of this page that goes into more detail about what is in the curriculum. I encourage all readers to review it and see if they think its appropriate for schools to teach). This curriculum explains all the "genders" a person can be. It teaches kids that it is normal to have a different sexual orientation as early as 12 years old. While I have nothing against the LGBTQ community, the schools (aka. government) do not have the right to teach my children what is okay and what is not okay when it comes to sexuality, that is up to me as a parent. Many of these teaching directly contradict the religions of many students. If religion is barred from being taught in public school, then anything that directly contradicts religions should be as well. As of now, parents have the right to opt out of any sex ed, but again, I'm not naive and I don't trust that a bill won't be passed in the future removing the right of parents to opt out by making it a graduation requirement. The Parents Bill of Rights will rectify that by making it mandatory that parents be able to review curriculum and have the option to opt their kids out of any course about sex they don't agree with for any reason.
     It is sad that we have come to need this bill and I encourage every single parent to write there senators to get this bill moving forward because it is most likely going to stall in the liberal senate we have. We need to force a vote on this and at a minimum, put the senators on the record about who they believe should raise children in this state, parents or the government. We need to put the pressure on them now to get this bill through the committee and onto the floor where it has a chance of passing when senators are put on the spot. If this bill fails, parents rights are all but gone and the state can step in to raise our kids. I have laid out a couple of the big issues that this bill would fix but even things as simple as parents reviewing their kids report cards could come into jeopardy. This bill would prevent that from happening.
     The other thing that is not being brought up is a different effect on kids. With the opt out feature of these bills, it will put pressure on kids whose parents choose to opt them out. If a parents decides this education is not acceptable, the student will be segregated from the class and it will be known to all of classmates that he or she wasn't "cool enough" to take the sex class. This is going to lead to a new form of bullying in the schools. Kids that don't participate could be labeled as "sheltered" and be distanced from the different clicks in schools. To us adults, it may be a small thing to opt a child out, but the effect on the student could be much more severe. Small things like that are what lead to kids being depressed and feeling like they are less than others. A better solution would be to have an opt-in. Parents who do not want to take the responsibility of teaching their kids about sex can choose to enroll there kids in the sex ed class. This would eliminate the singling out of kids and would reduce the chance of bullying.
     We must fight back against the extreme left indoctrinating our children with their progressive ideology. If parents want to teach kids about these things, then so be it but it is not the schools place to push ideologies onto our children. Oh and I forgot to mention, all of this is being pushed by Planned Parenthood. Both the health clinics and the curriculum are designed and run by Planned Parenthood. Let that sink in...Planned Parenthood is going to have more control over a kids sexuality that the child's parent. To me, that is a terrifying thought.

As promised here is the link to the news article that has samples of the graphic material being taught in Maryland schools and that is coming to Washington State: Article about Comprehensive Sexual Education.
      Unfortunately, I cannot make it to the public hearing related to these bills, but I would encourage someone to do this. During the public comment phase, take some of the material in the link above and read it aloud to the committee and see how they react. I can would bet that they will tell you to stop. This is what they want to teach our children. something not even fit to be read aloud in front of a committee.

-American Citizen
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