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Sunday, February 9, 2020

My Idea To Secure Firearm Rights In Washington.

     It seems that every legislative session these days, liberal lawmakers are continuing to try to pass bills that further restrict our right to firearm ownership and personal defense. I am going to be talking specifically about Washington but this is not an isolated issue. As we have seen in Virginia, even if 30,000 armed citizens show up to the capitol, they will keep pressing forward with their anti-gun agenda. I have proposed a fix to all of this and have even submitted a petition for review by the experts to see if this idea has merit.
    Right now as it stands, our gun rights can be infringed upon by a simple majority. Whether its congress or an initiative, it merely takes over 50% of a vote to enact laws that restrict our rights when it comes to firearms. The obvious answer to these laws are a lawsuit to deem them unconstitutional. The problem with that is that the cases take years to resolve and while we are waiting, the government is free to move forward with violating our rights. What if we could stop the legislation from being passed in the first place? I have an idea that may just work.
    My initial idea was to propose an initiative that would require a 2/3rds vote to pass a bill in congress and a 60% vote for an initiative if the topic is firearm related. Upon reviewing the Washington State Constitution, I realized that these requirements would easily be thrown out in court as they did with the initiative that required a super majority to raise taxes. I have come up with a solution that will garner the same outcome. Since firearm possession and use is a protected right in the Washington State Constitution, it is only fair that any restrictions or regulation on firearms be enacted via amendment. In order for an amendment to be passed, 2/3rds of each chamber must vote in favor of the amendment. So even if we cannot force them to have a super majority for a bill, we cold force a super majority for an amendment. This would set a much higher bar for legislation restricting our rights to pass.
    My initiative would codify specifically what items are protected by a constitutional right. This includes handguns, rifles, ammunition, magazines, attachments to firearms, and much more. If congress wanted to pass a ban on AR-15’s, it would require a constitutional amendment. If they want to ban high capacity magazines, it would require a constitutional amendment. Basically anything restricting the purchase, transfer, or possession of firearms and firearm related items, would require a constitutional amendment. My initiative would also prevent an initiative from infringing on our rights because a constitutional amendment cannot be made by initiative in Washington State.
    I have also proposed a ban on taxes on firearms and ammunition. You should not have to pay a tax to exercise a protected right. In this initiative, it would add a chapter to the Washington tax code exempting firearms and ammunition from all forms of excise tax. I fully believe that the government should not profit off my choice to exercise a right that is protect against infringement by the government. In my opinion that is infringement on its own.
    The only part of my proposal that may not go over well with every gun owner is the private party background check. In this initiative, firearm sales and transfers between private parties would go unrestricted until a system is put in place to make it easy to do a background check on a potential buyer. This system would have to be free to use, be able to be done on a personal device, and provide instant results on whether the prospective buyer is eligible to own a firearm. I will go into detail in a different post, but I believe in making sure you are not giving a firearm to a dangerous person. As long as it does not inconvenience the seller for more than a couple minutes, I believe it’s a good idea and could actually keep some guns out of the hands of criminals
    Unless I am missing something, this proposal should pass constitutional muster. Like I said, I have sent this proposal over to the experts on the subject to see if it is even viable. Even if it isn’t something that could work, I encourage every patriot out there to continue fighting for our rights and coming up with ideas like this one to fight back against the powers that want us unarmed.

I will update this post if I hear back from the experts.

-American citizen
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