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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Democrats Pulling Shady Moves in Washington to Pass The AG's Agenda

     Drama is unfolding in Olympia over the magazine ban bills. The patriots of Washington breathed a small sigh of relief on February 19th after HB2240 failed to beat the 5pm cutoff for policy related bills. The republican succeeded in stopping HB2240 by introducing over 120 amendments to the bill. Each amendment would have had to have been debated and voted on before a final vote could be held which was essentially impossible given the time constraint. Democrats were not ready to give up. On February 20th democrats submitted a new bill, HB2947. This new bill has the same language but adds a magazine buyback program using taxpayer money. This is significant because it now makes it a budget related bill and not subject to any deadline other than it has to be passed by both chambers by March 12th. The other major development is that this bill has an emergency declaration. This means that this bill cannot be repealed by referendum essentially stripping us the powers reserved for us by the Washington State Constitution.
    In my opinion this was a power move by the liberal wing of our government. I believe that they are willing to ignore the constitution and the will of the people in order to get this through. I know this because the only reason they wanted to declare an emergency in the bill is because they wanted to prevent a referendum that would repeal it. Not only that, they are trying to pass a bill that would only allow initiatives and referendums to be voted on in even years when the liberal vote is up 4% over the conservative vote essentially stacking the deck in their favor. Whats more concerning is that our Attorney General is behind this bill even though it is not his duty to request legislation. In fact, he is responsible for defending the laws of the state against lawsuit so it would create a serious problem if it is brought up on constitutional grounds in court and is ruled unconstitutional. At that point we would have an attorney general who is openly pushing laws that are illegal.
      It is no secret that our Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, has a weird and completely baseless obsession with high (standard) capacity. In a minority report (click here for report) to the Mass Shooting Work Group of 2018, Bob Ferguson basically threw a temper tantrum that they did not recommend a law limiting the capacity of magazines. Now he is requesting that the democrats in the legislature push this ban anyway. As you can see from the screen shot below, he and Governor Inslee both are behind the magazine ban.

       So why is he so hell bent on getting this magazine ban passed? To me the answer is simple. He wants to be Governor in the future. He wants this magazine ban as something that he can tout during his campaign for governor to appeal to his left wing supporters. This is something he can go on the record and say "I have prevented these magazines from being sold in Washington". He wants this even if it has a high probability of being ruled unconstitutional because even if its overturned, he will just point blame at the court for "making this a more dangerous state". It's all a game to him. I don't think any politician seriously believes that a magazine ban is going to prevent a mass shooter but the problem is, the liberal voters in this state gobble up that propaganda and vote based on these unfounded beliefs. Bob Ferguson literally wants his supporters to believe that the blame for mass shootings lies at the feet of conservative gun owners and that we are the enemy for wanting to keep our "assault weapons" and "high" capacity mags. He knows that if he pushed sensible solutions like mental healthcare and risk assessment in schools, he couldn't use that as fodder to get votes in the next election. He is the most corrupt politician in this state, if not country at this point in time. 

So just remember, Bob Ferguson and the rest of the liberal politicians are willing to strip you of your rights just to get votes. 

-American Citizen

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Democrats Pulling Shady Moves in Washington to Pass The AG's Agenda

     Drama is unfolding in Olympia over the magazine ban bills. The patriots of Washington breathed a small sigh of relief on February 19th ...