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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Shooting in Seattle (event occured: January 22nd 2020)

    It was a Wednesday evening and I was watching my kids taking their swim lessons. My phone made a noise so as any good millennial would do, I immediately reached to see what it was. The notification from KING 5 news said there was a shooting in Seattle. This was the third shooting alert I had received in a little over 24 hours about shootings in Seattle. After I got home, I flipped on the news to gather what was actually happening. One dead, seven injured including a 9 year old child. Unfortunately, I no longer have that instinctive shocked reaction I think we all used to have when these types of events occur. The reaction I had later was one of anger and sadness because this particular shooting could have been completely avoided had our elected officials done there jobs.

   I later turned to twitter to get the initial reaction from the twitterverse. As I thought, people were blaming the guns. Tweet after tweet talking about gun control, some even using the hashtag #banassaultweapons. Of course no factual info had come out at this point. In fact, once the facts started coming out it, was absolutely apparent that not a single gun law that has ever been proposed would have stopped this shooting. What actually transpired that night was an argument between three gang members that are convicted felons turned deadly. One was injured and arrested after being treated at the hospital, the other two, as of this writing are still on the loose.

    Arrest records for the two on the loose indicate that they should have never had those firearms per the law nor should they have ever been on the street. Marquise Tolbert,  24, has been arrested 20 times and convicted of a crime 15 times for crimes including harassment, theft, robbery, possession of a stolen vehicle, discharging a firearm in a public place. Among these he was convicted of two Class B felonies that carry up to ten year prison sentences each and a Class C felony that carries up to a five year prison sentence. Do the math, if our judicial system had worked and punished him to the full extent of the law, he would have had to of be -1 years old when he was convicted of those crimes. William Tolliver, 24, has been arrested 44 times and convicted 20 times for crimes including malicious mischief, theft, assault and unlawful possession of a firearm. Among those was a conviction for a Class C felony. Bottom line, these guys have a criminal history that should have them locked up for years to come, yet they were on the streets on January 22, 2020 at around 5 pm at 3rd and Pine in downtown Seattle.

    I was watching the news the next day and they had a reporter at the scene talking to people about the incident. Unsurprisingly, many of the respondents were young adults saying they wanted more gun control. Lets talk about that for a second because this is what real people said and I believe they truly think that is the solution. First, these guys were convicted felons. It is already ILLEGAL to own or possess a firearm if you have a felony on your record. Had these guys walked into a gun shop and attempted to purchase a firearm, they would have been turned away. Had they gone to a law abiding citizen selling a firearm, they would have been turned away by the background check now required for purchases at gun shows and private sales. These guys are CRIMINALS so they got these firearms ILLEGALLY. Those are two powerful and meaningful words. Our elected officials pass laws to make things ILLEGAL and people who do not follows those laws are CRIMINALS. Bottom line, theses guys wanted guns so they either stole them or bought them from someone who stole them. No gun law would prevent that.

    What angered me most was that these guys were on the street in the first place. Our criminal justice system is broken. Gang violence is escalating in the city and our elected leaders are letting it happen. More than 100 Seattle Police Officers QUIT last year. Why? Because they are not allowed to do their job. If they see someone injecting heroine, they have to walk by. If they see someone selling heroine, they have to walk by. If they arrest someone for a misdemeanor, the person is back out on the street before their shift ends. The cities policies have made it a horrible place to work. These are some of the finest men and women in law enforcement and the mayor and city council have tied their hands so they cannot effectively protect the law abiding, tax paying citizens of Seattle.

     Here is the question. Why were these guys let out so many times without serving a meaningful sentence? Some will say that the criminal justice system can't handle the caseload and our jails are over populated. That may be true, but why not fix that. Its because it doesn't fit the left's agenda. The leftist leaders in Seattle and King County can't be seen cracking down hard on crime. Take the former mayor of New York Mike Bloomberg. He took New York and made it the safest it had ever been by implementing "Stop and Frisk" (the constitutionality of that is up for debate and I am not advocating for it, but for this point we will take the assumption that is was). Stop and Frisk took more illegal guns off the street and was a reason for a sharp decline in gun violence. Now that he is running for president in 2020, he is apologizing for it because it does not fit the democratic agenda. The one thing he did to actually make a difference for the tax payers of New York, he is apologizing for. If our leaders took the $100 million budget for "homelessness" and put it toward more prosecutors, more jail space, and the most important of all,  treatment for the drug addicts, the city would be way better off. If there was a revolving door at the jail and they actually held these people accountable for the crimes they are committing, the city would be a safer place. If they made it illegal to camp on the sidewalk or other public property and forced the drug addicted homeless into a treatment center, the city would be safer and more sanitary.

    These three men didn't slip through the cracks, this incident was inevitable. When a city stops enforcing crime, the criminals run freely. These guys were carrying those firearms because they knew that there was a very low chance they would get caught, and in the event they did, the amount of time they would have to do was acceptable to them. How many more people like these three are there out there as a result of policies like the City of Seattle and King County have enacted. All of the victims blood is on our politicians hands. They let this happen, now its up to them to fix or the voters to find someone who will. We don't need any new laws. We need our current laws enforced

-American Citizen

As always feel free to share you thoughts, I am an open minded individual.
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