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Sunday, January 26, 2020

My Views on Impeachment

    Impeachment. Half the country is celebrating it, the other have is shaking their head at it. Its all that has dominated the news for months now. I personally, am tired of it. It was designed to protect the country from an out of control public official that was doing harm to our nation. The democrats believe this to be true, or so they say. I also want to preface this with, I do not think President Clinton should have been impeached.
    Lets start at the beginning. Democrats in congress started calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump THE DAY he was elected. In fact, starting in early 2017, house democrats started introducing articles of impeachment. Most of these were left behind in the news because they quickly got voted down on a bi-partisan level but the point remains the same, that some democrats have been voting to impeach the president since shortly after he took office. That is the first red flag for me. How can this be a "solemn duty", as the the house democrats are saying, if they have been wanting this from the beginning.
    Now for the current impeachment. Is President Trump innocent? I think probably not completely. Should he be Impeached and Removed from office? That's a hard no from me. Here is why. As i said previously, democrats have lost nearly all credibility when it comes to impeachment because they have been wanting to find a reason to impeach him. It started with Stormy Daniels, that failed. Then it was the firing for James Comey, that failed. Then is was Russian Collusion, that failed and actually exonerated him of that charge. Now we have the Ukraine Phone Call, and we are where we are today.
     The Ukraine phone call is far from perfect as the President claims. If it were perfect, the claim of quid pro quo would have never come up, but I also think that claiming a quid pro quo from the phone call was a stretch. The president could have chosen his words better. The President was discussing Hunter Biden and I believe rightfully so. I think that there was some shady things happening while Joe Biden was Vice President. Hunter Biden being on the board of a company in an industry he new nothing about isn't worth investigating on its own, but when his dad, the VP at the time, is caught on camera bragging about getting the prosecutor fired that was looking into that company, that's when an investigation should be made. Now, was it appropriate for the President to bring that up in a call with a foreign leader? Probably not, but that doesn't mean that it should happen. I personally think that if you are running for president, you should be under MORE scrutiny than if you weren't. I think that Joe Biden should have been looked into for corruption in Ukraine. If the former VP had a foreign official fired in order to protect his son from losing his source of income, that's worse than any of the charges brought upon the President. Just because you are running for president does not make you immune from investigation by the current administration.
     Now we get to the question, was the president holding up aide in order to get an investigation? Maybe, but their isn't any real evidence of it. The timing of everything is sketchy at best, and the appearance of it all isn't great but that doesn't mean it happened. The President has been hard on corruption from the beginning and the old Ukraine government was full of corruption. I think it is completely reasonable to hold aide, funded by American taxpayers, until it is certain that the new President of Ukraine will take a tough stance on corruption. I personally do not think the Biden investigation and the aide are linked because the aide was released without any investigation being announced. The President has every right to hold foreign aide if he thinks it will be corruptly used.
     So why are the democrats not believing the president of Ukraine when he says there was no pressure to start an investigation? I think its pretty straight forward when the one person in this world that knows the truth, says there was no quid pro quo. The democrats will say he "had a gun to his head" and was forced to say that in order to save face with the people of Ukraine. That is just not true. Had the president actually asked for an investigation in order to get the aide, it would have benefited the President of Ukraine to come forward with the truth once the impeachment started. Why? It would have certainly led to the impeachment and removal of President Trump and his problem would quite literally go away. I refuse to believe the Ukrainian leaders are so weak that they would participate in a political coverup for a different country when it would be more beneficial to take President Trump down
     Process. Process is the main complaint by the republicans, and now the democrats. Process is important. Chairman Schiff basically torpedoed this impeachment right from the get go by refusing to hold public hearings and preventing republicans from sitting in on the closed door hearings. If this was the slam dunk case as the democrats are saying they believe it is, then what is the harm in letting everybody watch and letting any witness be subpoenaed. The truth is that this is the weakest case ever used for impeachment. We have whistle-blower who is still anonymous, was barred from testifying, and had clear political bias as the basis of this impeachment. Had this been a transparent and fair process, republicans may be more willing to consider the charges brought forth.
    Obstruction. Of course the president obstructed right? Wrong, the president has every right to claim executive privilege on whatever he wants. It is up to the courts to decide what is and what isn't covered under executive privilege. All that Chairman Schiff would have had to do is go to the courts and get a decision about these claims of executive privilege. It is not the president's responsibility to go to the court, it's the Chairman's. So why not go to the courts and do it right? The answer is simple. The democrats know they do not have a candidate strong enough to beat the President in November and they need to get this president impeached as fast as possible. They need the trial to be over prior to prime campaigning season. They want the democratic nominee to use impeachment against President Trump on the campaign trail. So it all comes down to this, they didn't have time to go to the courts.
    So here we are. We have the senate trial resuming tomorrow. The outcome is predetermined and the democrats already know that. There is basically zero chance the senate will vote to convict the President. The democrats are claiming that the president is so dangerous that they must remove him to preserve the integrity of out elections, basically saying he is cheating. I see it completely opposite as that. I see this as the democrats interfering in this coming election. They are impeaching him over weak claims that have no specific charges in order to better their chances in November. They are literally using their powers to change the outcome of the 2020 election.

     So here is the bottom line, In my opinion the democrats went all in on a risky charge expecting a smoking gun to appear. Unfortunately for them the cards did not fall how they wanted so now they are stuck with this. They continue to push the same lines over and over, hoping that the public will forgive them after this is over. I don't think the President is completely innocent, but I also don't think the democrats are any less guilty. Lets do this right next time. No closed door hearings, no blocked witnesses, let the courts the decide what is and what isn't executive privilege and most importantly, LEAVE POLITICS OUT OF IT.

-American Citizen
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