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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Democrats Pulling Shady Moves in Washington to Pass The AG's Agenda

     Drama is unfolding in Olympia over the magazine ban bills. The patriots of Washington breathed a small sigh of relief on February 19th after HB2240 failed to beat the 5pm cutoff for policy related bills. The republican succeeded in stopping HB2240 by introducing over 120 amendments to the bill. Each amendment would have had to have been debated and voted on before a final vote could be held which was essentially impossible given the time constraint. Democrats were not ready to give up. On February 20th democrats submitted a new bill, HB2947. This new bill has the same language but adds a magazine buyback program using taxpayer money. This is significant because it now makes it a budget related bill and not subject to any deadline other than it has to be passed by both chambers by March 12th. The other major development is that this bill has an emergency declaration. This means that this bill cannot be repealed by referendum essentially stripping us the powers reserved for us by the Washington State Constitution.
    In my opinion this was a power move by the liberal wing of our government. I believe that they are willing to ignore the constitution and the will of the people in order to get this through. I know this because the only reason they wanted to declare an emergency in the bill is because they wanted to prevent a referendum that would repeal it. Not only that, they are trying to pass a bill that would only allow initiatives and referendums to be voted on in even years when the liberal vote is up 4% over the conservative vote essentially stacking the deck in their favor. Whats more concerning is that our Attorney General is behind this bill even though it is not his duty to request legislation. In fact, he is responsible for defending the laws of the state against lawsuit so it would create a serious problem if it is brought up on constitutional grounds in court and is ruled unconstitutional. At that point we would have an attorney general who is openly pushing laws that are illegal.
      It is no secret that our Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, has a weird and completely baseless obsession with high (standard) capacity. In a minority report (click here for report) to the Mass Shooting Work Group of 2018, Bob Ferguson basically threw a temper tantrum that they did not recommend a law limiting the capacity of magazines. Now he is requesting that the democrats in the legislature push this ban anyway. As you can see from the screen shot below, he and Governor Inslee both are behind the magazine ban.

       So why is he so hell bent on getting this magazine ban passed? To me the answer is simple. He wants to be Governor in the future. He wants this magazine ban as something that he can tout during his campaign for governor to appeal to his left wing supporters. This is something he can go on the record and say "I have prevented these magazines from being sold in Washington". He wants this even if it has a high probability of being ruled unconstitutional because even if its overturned, he will just point blame at the court for "making this a more dangerous state". It's all a game to him. I don't think any politician seriously believes that a magazine ban is going to prevent a mass shooter but the problem is, the liberal voters in this state gobble up that propaganda and vote based on these unfounded beliefs. Bob Ferguson literally wants his supporters to believe that the blame for mass shootings lies at the feet of conservative gun owners and that we are the enemy for wanting to keep our "assault weapons" and "high" capacity mags. He knows that if he pushed sensible solutions like mental healthcare and risk assessment in schools, he couldn't use that as fodder to get votes in the next election. He is the most corrupt politician in this state, if not country at this point in time. 

So just remember, Bob Ferguson and the rest of the liberal politicians are willing to strip you of your rights just to get votes. 

-American Citizen

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Washington Democrats Taking Power From The People.

      Want proof that the democrats want as much control as possible over the People? Look no further than the Washington State House of Representatives and the Washington State Senate. This session, a pair of bills was introduced that would basically cancel most voting topics in odd year elections. Why? I think it's a little deeper than what it appears to be on the surface
       The sponsors of these bills are citing lower voter turnout, however this is not necessarily accurate. According to a memo put out by the Washington Policy Center,  Political Sciences Professor Zoltan Hajnal of USC San Diego, who gave testimony at the hearing for HB2529, noted that having most elections in even years increased the liberal vote by 4% and increased the democrat vote by 4%. That would mean that any initiative, referendum, or any other issue being voted on that would have had an odd year vote, would now be subject to a higher voter turnout for the left. That is exactly what they want. They want to stack the deck so that initiatives and referendums that the democrats support have a higher likely hood of getting passed and those they object have a higher chance of getting voted down.
     Now, had they just canceled the odd year elections all together citing low voter turnout, they may have had some credibility, but that's not what happened. They are still allowing for local elections for government officials and tax increases so no matter what, ballots are still going to be sent out. So why would they allow tax increases to be voted on but not initiatives or referendums? Its all part of the scheme. Taxes generally get approved by a wider margin that Initiatives (which is crazy to me to think that people will almost always vote their money away) so they don't need the extra turnout. Here are some examples of Initiatives vs taxes from 2019.

 Initiatives and Referendums

- Referendum 88 (affirmative action) - Rejected 49.4% to 50.6%
- Initiative 976 ($30 car tabs) - Passed 53% to 47%
       -(both not in the democrats favor)

Tax Increases
- King County Prop 1 (Medic One Levy) - Passed 80.8% to 19.2%
- City of Duvall Prop 1 (Sales tax for roads) - Passed 71.6% to 28.4%
       -(both in the democrats favor)

      As you can see from the numbers, both the initiative and the referendum were passed or rejected with less than 54% and had the left had that extra 4% voter turnout, the outcome would have been different. As we are peeling back this onion, the truth is beginning to become clear. The democrats in the legislature want the advantage so the votes on citizen initiatives and referendums go in their favor, but do not want the taxing power of local governments inhibited. From the last election results, you can see local tax levy votes overwhelmingly get passed. They don't need that extra turnout to pass taxes. 
      So is this legal? No, not at all and if our supreme court is actually an unbiased court (which I highly doubt) they will come to the same conclusion. Our Washington State Constitution specifically says that the initiative process cant be hindered. Here is exactly what is says:

Article 1 Section 34: SAME
"...that the authority hereby conferred upon the legislature shall not be construed to grant to the legislature any exclusive power of lawmaking nor in any way limit the initiative and referendum powers reserved by the people..."
     That is pretty cut and dry. The legislators do not have authority to limit our right to initiative or referendum and this is exactly what they are trying to do. They are trying to make it difficult to change laws which is already hard to do with the supreme court full of political activist. Just today the Washington Supreme Court ruled that the clearly ILLEGAL valuation of vehicles for sound transits car tabs fee can stay in place strictly because it would strip funding for projects that are part of the liberal agenda. So even though we have a bias court to deal with, we must retain the power that we have, without it they will strip us of our rights and take more of our money. 
-American Citizen


Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The Democrats Can’t Give Up
     Let’s face it, the democrats can’t give up on the attacks against the President. They can’t do it because they are literally in a hole that the only way they can get out is if they dig through to the other side. Every single attempt to “get” the President has failed. It started with the Stormy Daniels payments. Did he sleep with her? most likely but does that constitute an impeachable offense even if he paid her to keep quiet? No and the democrats and media learned that the hard way. The only result was a few people going to jail for financial crimes unrelated to the case.
     Next was the Russia Investigation. For 2 years the media and the democrats held the country hostage with the Mueller investigation. The talking heads on the TV would constantly over anylize the smallest development. It got to the point that the panels on TV could go on for hours about a tweet the President wrote debating whether it was the smoking gun or not. BOTH sides of the media lost their mind. I had to stop watching Hannity for awhile because he was like a broken record! Constantly talking about the bombshell developements about the deep state. Yea he had some good points and made a solid case against the Mueller investigation, but you can only listen to the same thing night after night for so long. 
     The Mueller investigation came up empty. The left will tell you that it was a damning indictment when it was absolutely the opposite. It was merely as statement of “well he might be obstructing if he had done this with this intent”. It was nothing. Nothing worth dividing this country over like it did. The only winner in that two years was the media executives because they made a ton of money on their coverage of that investigation. It’s funny, the liberal media talks about income inequality but they fail to hold the people making the money off that same media accountable. 
      Finally we get to impeachment. No matter how you look at it, whether you are pro impeachment or against it, it was mishandled. As soon as that whistleblower came forward they should have launched an official impeachment inquiry, we all know that didn’t happen. No, Adam Schiff wanted to have secret hearings in the bunker at the capital so the media and the Republicans could not see what was going on. He wanted this so he could strategically leak information to his friends in the media and set the tone for the official investigation. They knew they had a weak case and they knew that they would need the media to start the speculation and conjecture machine up prior to public testimony so the public would already have a bias as to whether President Trump should be impeached. Obviously it didn’t work and now they are in a tough spot. 
     Here we are today with the Democrats plotting their next attack on the President, they have a little under 9 months to either drag this President down or get him out of office. If they fail, they know they are all in trouble come November and they know with certainty that they don’t have a candidate that can beat Trump. So what is next is up in the air but I can say with almost certainty, stay tuned for the next manufactured constitutional crisis curtesy of the Democrats 

-American Citizen 

Just for fun, Check out how many more votes Trump got in the NH primary compared to other incumbent presidents!

Why The Electoral College Is Important
     With the presidential election coming up this November, I am sure the debate around the  Electoral College will rear its ugly head again. On side thinks the popular vote should be the only vote that counts, and the other thinks its one of the most important provisions in the Constitution. I personally believe that the Electoral College is more important today than it was at the forming of this nation. Before I get into why, let's take a look at why it is there in the first place.
      The Electoral College was a compromise between two sides during the writing of the Constitution. One side wanted a straight popular vote so that it could be a truly democratic election, the other wanted congress to elect the president. They finally came to an agreement where the popular vote of the individual state would select the electors who would then cast their vote for president. This was done for three reasons. First, to satisfy those who wanted congress to have the power, it prevented uninformed voters from directly electing a president who was not qualified or who could turn into a tyrannical leader like the king they had just left. It installed a middleman in between the people and the presidency so if need be, the electors could go against the will of the people if it was necessary to prevent a dangerous president. Second, to satisfy those who wanted a popular vote, it allowed the people to have some form of direct say in the election and did not give the power to congress. It was feared that a congressional election could lead to corruption between the executive and legislative branch when deciding the presidency. Third, the most important reason for today's elections, it prevent a "mob rule" elections meaning that the population centers of the country couldn't decide the election on their own.
      One of the misconceptions of our country is that we are a democracy when in fact we are a constitutional republic. While the terms can be used synonymously in most cases, it is important when discussing elections. Under a true democracy, the majority always rules meaning a direct popular vote for all elections. Our framers decided that this was not okay and that's why we have a constitution that protects the rights of the minority. In our republic, the minority has the right to have a meaningful say in our presidential election and that is facilitated by the Electoral college.
    So why is its so important for modern elections? It is important for the same reason it was at our countries founding, to prevent a small geographic area from having complete control over the presidency. In recent years, our major population centers on the coasts have become increasingly more liberal while less populated rural areas have remained conservative. Rural conservative areas account for a vast majority of the geographic area of the United States. If we went to a popular vote, it would mean that areas centered around cities would be able to elect a politician that fit only their needs and not the needs of Middle America. It would lead to politicians only campaigning and designing policies to entice the voters in the cities. Candidates would not even bother stopping in states that have low populations because it wouldn't be worth the time and money when they could target a lot of voters in states like California and New York. This would ultimately lead to an entire region of the United States being stepped on and forgotten by politicians only looking to make policies that would help them get the votes in the next elections.
    With the country divided as it is, the Electoral College is even more important. President Trump is not popular in a majority of the big cities because he campaigns against most of their progressive views. While cities may want gun control, nearly all rural areas want their second amendment protected. Liberals want free college, while the conservatives don't want to pay more in taxes for someone in California to get a liberal arts degree. Most importantly, progressives want major taxes and regulation when it comes to climate change and carbon, while there are a lot of jobs dependent on fossil fuels in the "fly over" states. The people living in the cities tend to forget where their food comes from. If liberals could elect a president that didn't have to care about the farmland states, surely fossil fuels would be a huge target of the new progressive leader. If they got their way, fuel needed for farming and the transport of that food from Middle America to the cities, would become so expensive that the cost of living everywhere would increase dramatically likely causing complaints from those same people that voted that president in. It is so important for all of the United States to have a say in the election because it ultimately benefits everyone. It forces candidates from all parties to make campaign stops in rural America, to craft policies that are positive for everyone and not the few. It can make a small, less populated state a deciding factor in the elections.

    For those who lean left and claim that the Electoral College isn't fair, let me ask you this? How would you feel if the roles were reversed and and Middle America always got to decide the direction of the country based on their needs without regard for your needs? In my opinion it would be just as destructive to the country. We need the Electoral College to make our president accountable to everyone.

-American Citizen
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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Climate LIE

    Climate Change is a HOAX! There I said it. I’m not saying this because I don’t care about the planet nor am I saying this because I don’t think humans are impacting the climate. I am saying this because it’s not a crisis. This is a manufactured crisis that the left has created to instill fear into their followers. My own state has gotten irrational about climate change claiming we should spend billions on the matter when the legislation would result in less than one-tenth of one percent reduction in greenhouse gasses globally. The cost benefit factor just doesn’t add up to me because all you have to do is follow the money.
    In Washington, the 2018, Governor Jay Inslee endorsed, I-1631 carbon tax would have cost the average household $325 a year in direct cost, most likely more in indirect cost. In total it would have raised close to $1 billion dollars by 2023. That is a staggering number to say the least but how the money is spent is even more startling. The initiative said this:

    (1) The clean up pollution fund is created in the state treasury. All receipts collected from the pollution fee imposed by this chapter must be deposited in the fund. The department of revenue is authorized to create subfunds or subaccounts as may be necessary or appropriate to implement the purposes of this chapter. Receipts collected from the pollution fee imposed by this chapter may only be spent after appropriation into the clean up pollution fund.
    (2) After reasonable administrative costs:
    (a) Seventy percent of total expenditures under this act must be used for the clean air and clean energy investments authorized under section 4 of this act;
    (b) Twenty-five percent of total expenditures under this act must be used for the clean water and healthy forests investments authorized under section 5 of this act; and
    (c) Five percent of total expenditures under this act must be used for the healthy communities investments authorized under section 6 of this act.

    The line in red is quite literally a red flag. My first thought is what is reasonable? These cost are taken off the top before any disbursements are made meaning all salaries, supplies, travel cost, meeting cost, building cost, and many more things are taken out of that new account prior to any of the money going to climate related cost. That would most likely have meant that millions of dollars a year would have disappeared because of the bureaucracy it would have created. How many six figure jobs would have been created for them to fill with their friends? How many people behind the petition would have gotten those jobs? It’s unknown but I can speculate that it would have been a lot of people making a lot of money off the taxpayers back.
    The green line is also concerning, not because of what it says in that line, but because of one line item that is included in section four of the initiative, where seventy percent of the money is supposed to go. It reads as follows:

    (ii) Reduce vehicle miles traveled or increase public transportation, including investing in public transit, transportation demand management, nonmotorized transportation, affordable transit-oriented housing, and high-speed rural broadband to facilitate telecommuting options such as telemedicine or online job training;

    This line basically means that seventy percent of the available funds after the administration cost can go to mass transit and affordable housing. It’s unknown how much money would have gone there but it’s pretty clear to me that this was written in to be able to divert funds to projects that are hard to get funding for under the guise of “climate change”. I can only speculate that this money would have gone to Sound Transit for ST3 projects now that the $30 tabs is most likely going to become a reality at some point. It also would have been diverted to Seattle for affordable housing programs under with the thought “more affordable housing closer to the city would result in less emissions”, but we know it would just be squandered away like all the other money has been. It would have basically been a way for all of Washington to pay in part for Seattle and King Counties problem of affordable housing
    There is much more in this bill that is horrible but this is part of the point I am trying to make. This initiative that was heralded as the cure for Washington’s climate problem was merely a way to divert funds to other programs and create more government jobs. I would say at least eighty-five percent of the money would have been open to diversion to other projects or the administrative cost of the new programs. But the big question is, Who would have benefited? It wouldn’t have been the climate because even if all this money was spent diligently, it would have had statistically zero effect on the worlds greenhouse emissions. It definitely wouldn’t have been the people of Washington because they would have taken a large pay cut through tax increases and job losses due to new regulations and taxes on business. I think the government would have won. New six figure jobs, able to draw money for transportation and housing projects that the people wouldn’t approve on their own, and all the while be able to say “we are leading the charge against climate change”.
    I’ll leave you with this. If all the politicians, celebrities, philanthropist, and others who are all telling us that we have a climate crisis actually cared about the climate, why don’t they practice what they preach? Why are they flying around on airplanes or staying in hotels that are not energy efficient? Why are their own homes producing a huge carbon footprint? Al Gore, the original climate alarmist in recent history, lives in a home that consumes 21 times the amount of electricity as a normal house and only has 33 solar panels that produce just five percent of the homes demand. Just think about that, a guy going around telling you that you are killing the planet and that you need to change your ways won’t even make those changes himself. He doesn’t have too. He makes massive amounts of money whether is a polluter or not. Like I said, follow the money.

-American Citizen
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Monday, February 10, 2020

They ARE coming for your guns.

We have all heard the democrats tell us “We aren’t coming for your guns”. Well that was a total lie. FAKE NEWS as President Trump would put it. We are slowly but surely seeing bill introduced into state legislatures around the country. We attentive gun owners have seen the writing on the wall for some time now. They have been pushing common sense gun legislations and with the help of the media, have now turned weapon and magazine bans into common sense measures. Now eve Bernie Sanders is on the ban AR-15 ship that ultimately sunk Beto’s campaign.
    The most recent comes out of Arizona in Senate Bill 1625. In this bill they would make it illegal to buy or possess an “assault weapon” or a large capacity magazine. This is what we have been talking about. It’s no longer about reinstating the ban on the sale of these firearms, they are making it illegal to possess them. This particular bill has a clause in it so you can keep it, but with a catch. It reads as follows:

4.  If eligible, registers the assault weapon as provided in subsection d of this section.
     d.  To register an assault weapon that a person legally possessed before the effective date of this section, the person must comply with the following requirements:
     1.  Submit to a background check conducted by the appropriate law enforcement agency to confirm that the person is not a prohibited purchaser under 18 United States code section 922 or a prohibited possessor pursuant to section 13‑3101.
     2.  Unless the person is currently prohibited by law from possessing a firearm, immediately register the assault weapon with the appropriate law enforcement agency.
     3.  Safely and securely store the assault weapon pursuant to the rules adopted by the department of public safety.
     4.  Annually renew the registration, subject to completing a new background check.
     5.  Possess the assault weapon only:
      (a)  On property that the person owns or immediately controls.
      (b)  While on the premises of a licensed gunsmith for the purpose of lawful repair.
      (c)  While engaged in the legal use of the assault weapon at a duly licensed firing range.
      (d)  While traveling to or from locations listed in this paragraph if the assault weapon is stored unloaded in a locked container during transport. For the purposes of this subdivision, locked container does not include the utility compartment, glove compartment or trunk of a motor vehicle.

     This basically means that you can possess it but must get a yearly background check, register it with the state so they know you have it, and can only take it to a licensed gun range. I am going to add a prediction to this. I believe they will pull a stunt like California did. They are going to require that all these firearms be register with the state, but then they will pass a law like “It is unlawful to own an “assault” weapon with a barrel length of less that 20 inches”. After this bill passes, they will scroll through the list of registered weapons and proceed to confiscate the newly illegal firearms. The only way you can keep that gun is if you say you lost it, but you damn well better not get caught with it in the future, otherwise you would be subject to prosecution for filing a false police report. They will continue to pass the new restriction on these laws until there are very few, if any, legal firearms left.
    This is how they are going to slow cook us. I use the analogy of the frog in boiling water.  If you put a front directly in boiling water, it will fight to get out because the water is hot, but if you put a frog in cold water and turn the stove on, it will sit there until it dies of the heat because its body is constantly adjusting to the rising temperature. Same goes for the liberals pushing these agendas. They know that if they put a bill out there that just outright bans firearms, the People will rise up against that, but if they slowly introduce restrictions over time, the pushback will be far less and manageable. We as gun owners, must rise up now to stop these agendas before we have so many restrictions and bans that it will be difficult to stand up to the government. The government is supposed to fear the people, not the other way around.

-American Citizen
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Background Checks for Private Firearm Sales

    When firearm owners hear the term “universal background checks” it usually sets off alarm bells as a bad idea. I tend to agree with that when the left is talking about it. But would it be a smart thing to require background checks for every firearm sale or transfer? I think it actually is a good idea if done right. My biggest fear when selling a firearm is that I end up selling it to a person who shouldn’t have one because of their criminal history. That is why right now I will only sell a firearm to a person I am familiar with.
    When people hear “universal background check” they immediately think that it will lead to a gun registry. No one wants the government to know what firearms they have. In Washington, we unfortunately have a database of every pistol, and now semi automatic rifle, transferred by a licensed firearms dealer. This is a cause for concern because if they decide to ban a class of firearm, they already know who purchased it. Under proposed legislation by the democrats, it would ultimately lead to a gun registry controlled by the federal government. My idea would prevent that and make it a simple process.
    In Washington, we have a mandatory background check to transfer a firearm to anyone other than a family member. This has caused a lot of problems and added cost because this must be completed by a dealer and also requires a holding period for the firearm. My proposal would eliminate the middle man. It would use the national instant background check system or a similar system designed by the state. It would be a system that could be accessed from a personal device at the time of sale and provide an instant answer to whether the proposed buyer is eligible to possess a firearm. After the buyer has input their info, verified to the seller by a drivers license, the system would simply give a a green check mark or a red X indicating whether the transfer could proceed. This would give a seller like me peace of mind that the person taking my firearm is not a known dangerous person.
    I think part of being a law abiding citizen is also being responsible for making sure the buyer of your firearm is also eligible to own a firearm. With this system, it would give the seller a read out of the transaction they would need to keep in their records as proof that the background check was completed and that the buyer was eligible to possess a firearm at the time of sale. If a seller opted not to do a background check and it is proven that the buyer was not an eligible person at the time of sale, they could be held partially liable for any crimes committed using the weapon they sold. Some may call this infringement, I call it responsibility. Just as a parent can be held responsible for their kids actions from being irresponsible, gun owners should be held accountable if they irresponsibly give a firearm to a known criminal.
    This system would not include a database that could turn into a registry because the only information input in the system would be details about the person, not about the firearm. This would prevent the government of knowing who owns what because the only possible information they could store was that a a background check was run on a person to determine eligibility for owning a firearm. I would also make it a requirement to have a process in place to dispute a denial. There are some instances where people are wrongly flagged as ineligible. This could be from a case of misidentify, or a previous charge that was resolved but not updated in the system. It would need to be a process that can easily be done.
    I think this system would satisfy the lefts call for background checks on every gun transfer while protecting the rights and causing very little inconvenience to gun owners. I know there are people who will disagree with this but it is flat out irresponsible to hand a firearm to a person you know nothing about. This would be a very small concession by gun owners and give the anti-gunners a big win in their eyes. At that point we could say “we gave you what you want, now get off our backs”. I think I speak for most gun owners that we don’t want criminals to have easy access to firearm, but at the same time, we don’t want to have to go to a dealer and pay extra fees just to buy or sell a gun.

-American Citizen
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Democrats Pulling Shady Moves in Washington to Pass The AG's Agenda

     Drama is unfolding in Olympia over the magazine ban bills. The patriots of Washington breathed a small sigh of relief on February 19th ...